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The NYSUT Career Center is now offering members the NYSUT Handbook for Laid-Off and Retrenched Employees.

A copy of this handbook can be obtained at the NYSUT Career Center or by calling the NTA Office.

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2007-2008 NTA Committees

Central Compact Committee Sharon Minard, NTA Rep. Fostertown
Central Labor Council Phil Cordella NTA
  Joe Lotito Temple Hill
  G. Pinheiro GAMS
  Vicky Pittman NFA
  Karen Roberts New Windsor
Diversity Madeline Alma New Windsor
  Vicky Pittman NFA
  Silver Williams NFA
DWAIG Beverly Browne Heritage
  Jeanne Daley Stewart
  Robin Grove Temple Hill
  Bill Istone NFA
  Sue Kileen South
  Linda Mangan New Windsor
  Ken Masten South
  Nancy Sparacio Meadow Hill
  Marlayna Wiley Vails Gate
Educational Issues Advocacy Joe Lotito, Chair Temple Hill
  G. Pinheiro GAMS
  Karen Roberts New Windsor
  Dominick Tebano NFA
ER&D John Eitel, Jr. Newburgh Teacher
Grievance Sherri Hall NFA
  Jim Nee NFA
  Linda Mangan New Windsor
  Joni Mongelli Temple Hill
  Angela Sartori New Windsor
  Lou Stanley South
Health & Safety Jeanne Daley, Chair Stewart
  Sherri Hall NFA
  Judy LeRoy GAMS
  George Lyons North
  Labor Management Jim Nee, Chair NFA
  Patricia Hunter Heritage
  Sheila Manning New Windsor
  Nancy Sparacio Meadow Hill
New Member Marilyn Henry, Chair GAMS
  Janet Carlson GAMS
Nominations/Elections Karen Roberts, Chair New Windsor
  Donna Liebman Horizons
  Maureen Neppl Fostertown
  Tom Neppl NFA
Pendulum Jeff Gebhardt, NFA
    Layout & Design  
  Robin Grove, Temple Hill
    Proof Reader  
  Patricia Hunter, Editor Heritage
  Mike Olsen, Photos Fostertown
Sabbatical Leave Vicky Pittman, Chair NFA
  Yvette Lewis NFA
  Amy Surdyka NFA
SAVE Beverly Browne Heritage
  Mary Ann Corbet Temple Hill
  Karen DeMarco Meadow Hill
  Rocco Sangervasio NFA
Scholarship Review Phil Giansante Executive Drive
Sick Bank Robin Phillips, Chair Gardnertown
  Heather Kraus NFA
  Theresa Trapani South
Special Events Jen Laudiero, Chair Horizons
  Kathy Marley Temple Hill
Substitute Liasion Vicky Pittman NFA
  Crisan Scalia Balmville
Teacher Center Ann Marie Healey, Chair Balmville
  Jacqueline Borgia NFA
  Lois Childers Balmville
  Christina Cloidt GAMS
  Veronica Cox Stewart
  Richard Durbin South
  Carrie Frost Executive Drive
  Sharon Gerald Vails Gate
  Anthony Grice Vails Gate
  Megan McCann Meadow Hill
  Tom Neppl NFA
  Marisol Riverol New Windsor
  Lou Stanley South
Technology Nelson Colón Executive Drive
VOTE/COPE Carol Franklin, Chair Balmville
  Chris Eachus NFA
  Joyce Rollins, Retiree Chair